At the heart of Brutal Bodies are bold, fluid designs in silver and gold. The cool, unyielding embrace of metals against the softness and warmth of the flesh is a visual narrative that Brutal Bodies explores as a testament to the interplay between strength and vulnerability, hardness and softness. Drawing inspiration from architectural and artistic visionaries, Brutal Bodies blends art, culture, and fashion in its jewelry creations.

The designs and the brand represent a deeply personal project of the founder, Lisa Masé, and are meticulously crafted by hand in Germany. For her, jewelry is emotional and intimate, serving as one of the most powerful ways to imbue any fashion look with character.


Lisa Masé founded and led the former online platform and PR & content agency 'Blogger Bazaar,' later renamed 'rauwm,' in Berlin, specializing in connecting the world of fashion with socio-cultural phenomena since 2013. In her decade-long career in the fashion industry, Lisa went beyond viewing fashion as mere clothing; she enjoyed exploring it as a cultural asset, serving as both a mirror and a forecaster of societal trends and issues. After working as an influencer, stylist, and creative director for major industry players like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Mugler, she found it intriguing to elevate her role from curator within fashion to the art scene.

Lisa is currently collaborating with prominent museums such as Städel Frankfurt, where she shares her perspective on contemporary art and curates audio guides for the art collection of Kunsthalle Karlsruhe.

Coming into her own creative power also involved a shift towards creating her own wearable designs in the form of jewelry. After years of exclusively producing digital content and working in fashion, she desired to craft tangible, long-lasting products of enduring value with 'Brutal Bodies.' Leveraging her diverse network of young creatives, emerging artists, and photographers, Lisa brings her vision of jewelry to life. For Lisa, every significant endeavor begins with a feeling. She utilizes this intuition, along with her industry expertise, to become the ultimate curator.